Digital Transformation

Communication and collaboration made easy

The central digital point of contact

The German parliamentary faction Bündnis 90/Die Grünen promotes the exchange of information and cooperation between employees. With the relaunch of their intranet, employees now have a completely overhauled point of contact for their workday. The new system connects employees and creates transparency. And it can now be accessed outside of the faction's offices and on mobile devices.

SIRUP is responsible for the consultation, concept, user interface design and the complete technical implementation.

Hub for digital and analog workflows

The responsive design of the intranet combines classic modules, such as an address book, news and bulletin board, with the simultaneous introduction of the document management system Alfresco. This direct and convenient access to the extensive document pool (via the appropriate REST interfaces) provides key added value for the parliamentary faction's daily work and communication.

Customized for personal preferences

A personalized dashboard provides a quick overview of the current most important topics and allows them to be accessed directly. For example, employees can configure the dashboard with their preferred content.

Employees are assigned to their individual departments in the address book and can be found very quickly using a comprehensive faceted search (Apache Solr). Again, the data is imported from external systems via interfaces and is therefore constantly synchronized and up to date.

The calendar has been designed specifically for the individual requirements of the parliamentary faction and includes an interface concept that it suitable for everyday use, even on mobile devices. The calendar system comprises three calendars that are fed by various sources. They are partially maintained editorially, with the RSS feed delivering additional content. Filters help employees to find relevant, current events. An export function allows for a designed printout of the entire calendar, thus bridging the gap to the analog world.

The automatic single sign-on simplifies matters even further for the employees: consequently, no separate authentication is required on the intranet.

With the relaunch, the parliamentary faction Bündnis 90/Die Grünen can now use an attractive and secure communications system, tailored perfectly to its needs. By using open source technologies such as Drupal, the intranet has been made future-proof and modularly expandable. We look forward to developing the system further together with the client, and integrating new user requests and workflows into the intranet.

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