A firm grip on personal finances

Qontis is a personal financial assistant that offers a consolidated, interbank overview and control of income and expenses. With Qontis, the Swiss financial sector is embarking on the path towards digitalization.

Qontis as the cockpit for a financial overview and control

A radical new take on conventional banking and financial software is the starting point for the development of this browser-based tool, which opens up a new user experience in mobile and online banking for both experienced business users and novices alike.

In addition to the basic functions, such as the automatic and accurate categorization of transactions, simple budgeting, setting savings goals and peer comparison, there are also tools for the many life events of banking and insurance customers. Weddings, the purchase of a house, pensions and retirement, for example, all require a personalized needs-based customer approach.

Ideal user experience for online and mobile banking

The extensive range of functions offered by the Personal Finance Manager (PFM) is packed in a colorful and uncluttered application design. The focus on an outstanding user experience (UX) and the use of striking infographics with an appealing design and icons link the management of personal finances with motivating gamification elements and positive interaction experiences.

Short, optimized navigation paths, a coherent design concept and the emphasis on relevant information are the key factors for a positive UX. An easy-to-use interface and a targeted reduction of functions contribute to its optimal usability.

The use of a flexible page grid and cross-device design elements creates an overall concept that makes managing personal finances a positive experience on all devices.

SIRUP developed the corporate design for the Qontis brand, as well as the overall concept for its digital appearance – comprised of the corporate magazine, online adviser, and the Personal Finance Manager, optimized as a web app for smartphones and desktop computers. SIRUP developed the PFM with Crealogix, Qontis' technology partner, and was responsible for the user interaction concept, UX design and development of the frontend.

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