A new generation of event and visitor management

The Qubique trade show displays an exclusive selection of international interior designers and manufacturers at the Berlin-Tempelhof airport, positioning itself with a holistic approach: a comprehensive light and music concept, open stand construction, premium catering and an outlandish entertainment and support program, make this event a platform where trade and marketing go hand in hand with communication and entertainment. The perfect framework for great design.

From the launch to the real event

SIRUP brings the spectacle to the web: we start with the initial promotion and announcement of the fair via an online magazine, introducing the innovative concept of the furniture trade show in conjunction with its makers and the creative hub of Berlin. The microsite is followed by the website, along with the visitor and event management tool MY.QUBIQUE.

Image building and visitor service

For the event organizer, the website constitutes the central information and communication medium, and the most important instrument in online branding and marketing. The focus is on a user-friendly and intuitive user interface as well as on a high-quality, futuristic design that gives Qubique an appropriate framework for its digital communications. The portal is primarily aimed at visitors, but naturally also wants to engage exhibitors and multipliers.

It therefore offers a comprehensive visitor service which, in addition to the accreditation of trade visitor tickets and visitor tickets, also contains a travel service to the exhibition grounds and facilities for booking partner hotels, among other things. For this purpose, the website is linked with the MY.QUBIQUE system, which maps visitor-related processes: profile management, online and on-site accreditation, ticket generation, ticket dispatch, ticket verification at admission and, last but not least, the scanner service for exhibitors.

SIRUP Qubique Software Eventmanagement Besuchermanagement

Understand processes, design workflows, surpass demands

The crucial added value of the MY.QUBIQUE event management system lies in the optimization of the entire workflow for everyone participating in the exhibition. The organizer can manage, authorize and communicate directly with the exhibitors and service providers on the platform, while the latter can manage their public profiles on the Qubique website and organize their entire exhibition presentation.

They can store and exchange documents, plans and images, and send them to third parties via email. Likewise, ticket orders for stand constructors, employees and guests can be handled quickly and conveniently. And for the exhibition itself, they can easily and efficiently request essential services such as power, scanner service, stand cleaning and waste disposal.

During the Qubique premiere, over 1,000 documents were exchanged by 127 exhibitors and service providers via MY.QUBIQUE and more than 20,000 tickets were generated and forwarded to the ticket dispatch.

The complete package

The system includes interfaces to essential system landscape tools such as the Chips@Work ticket dispatcher and the Revolver agency software, which regularly synchronizes confirmed exhibitors and visitor groups, to ensure smooth and automated interaction. The MY.QUBIQUE system architecture is based on the Drupal CMS and the ZEND Framework.

Besides all the functional nuances, SIRUP also developed an interface design for MY.QUBIQUE that featured a unique appearance and intuitive usability geared towards the high standards of the target group.

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