Apache SolR & ElasticSearch

Intelligent full-text search

Providing efficient access to complex content

Whether it's portals, shops, intranet or business intelligence applications: today's system landscapes contain large, unstructured amounts of data that need to be presented in an easy-to-understand manner and must be easy to search for the user. The jumble of different digital formats – from CMS content to text, spreadsheets and PDF files – requires an intelligent full-text search facility that finds exactly what the user is looking for.

To do this, SIRUP uses the search server technologies Apache Solr and ElasticSearch which specialize in sifting through large volumes of data. Through the familiarity with many different speech characteristics, these open source services are able to reduce keywords to their core and thereby answer even vague inquiries. Functions such as active search suggestions and a faceted navigation (gradual filtering of the search results) are just as much part of the scope as a web interface.

Based on this foundation, SIRUP creates individual solutions that can be integrated into any application or website. Our deep understanding of the underlying algorithms helps us create an innovative search experience for the users.