Playful instinct as an impulse

For motivated, focused and happy users

Through Gamification, even inaccessible content can be conveyed in an inviting and sustainably motivating manner. The integration of playful processes in education, marketing and economics is in great demand:
Findings in the learning sciences demonstrate that enormous potential is being wasted through the strict separation of work and play, of rigid procedures and a playful approach.

The careful and holistic application of gamification increases the motivation of users across the board: in the case of DUDEN's Lernhelfer, the intelligent management and evaluation of digital flashcards leads to an increase in students' personal learning success.
With the Swiss personal finance manager tool Qontis, the intuitive user interface shows savings potential in just a few clicks.

Flow is the key to gamification

Our aim is to design user experiences that allow for more creativity, passion and team spirit. An important aspect of this is the famous concept of "flow", as coined by the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi: We all know this mental state of "being in the zone" from our passions, great and small – be it music, programming or sports: time flies by and concentration slips only slightly. When developing gamification strategies, we make sure to constantly retain the user's flow. At SIRUP, we put every effort into creating this flow experience for the user by creating a constant balance between challenge and positive feedback.

The market-relevant target group of digital natives has grown up with social media, smartphones and video games. They expect an intuitive and motivating interaction design that matches their lifestyle. The trend is moving towards more profound elements than just badges, level ups and leaderboards for their own sake. Universities and initiatives are also increasingly using gamification in combination with crowd sourcing to solve scientific problems: in the University of Washington's online 3D puzzle game FoldIt, players were able to solve the structure of a key enzyme in AIDS research that had been troubling scientists for decades. The players themselves had no prior specialist knowledge, but were introduced to their task through the gamification of the principles of protein folding.

Award-winning projects

As a digital agency with an interdisciplinary team, we combined our knowledge of game and interaction design with the latest developments in the field of web and app development.
We have put our gamification know-how to successful use in several award-winning projects: for example, Duden's Lernhelfer (Digita Prize 2015), the online learning game Isungur (winner of the Comenius Award), the transmedia event FixOskarX and the personal finance manager Qontis.
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System Architecture

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